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Automation and Telecontrol

Euro.Soft designs and implements solution for complete automation of the service, without neglecting problems such as those of security and energy saving. The problem of security is very important in a distribution service, where every breakdown and erratic maneuver can have dire consequences on it uses.

Euro.Soft resolves such problems with information technologies, related to database management software and expert systems, and by the possibilities offered by communication and data transfer systems.

Euro.Soft offers an innovative solution for "web-based" telecontrol:
WTU - Web Telecontrol Unit

- Euro.Soft solutions make available automatically in the operative office or management central, all the elements for the judgment and decision making to carry out in a rapid and effective way the surveillance and the management of water purification equipment on a remote network.
- The automation and telecontrol system allows you to reach various objectives such as:
- The reduction of the garrison points and consequently the better utilization of personnel;
- The optimization of automatic operations aiming towards an effective functioning and efficient implant;
- An intelligent management of consumption and energy saving;
- The structuring of emergency functions and programmed maintenance;
- The speed of intervention;
- The programming of the acquisition/distribution with a sensible advantage for the users.

The system is based on constructed apparatus with standard components of advanced technology and on the configuration of hardware and software in a way that can bring modifications and expansion, safeguarding the investments already made. Other requirements are those relative to the precision and accuracy of the relative measures to the field data and of the subsequent data processing and transmission. In particular, regarding this last point, the operative centre is implemented in a way that manages particularly burdensome I/O traffic with a higher load in cases of emergency. The local automation apparatus respect all the industrial standards, given the type of functions and the working environment, and is based on microprocessors that have the capacity to treat complex processes locally at speed. Besides, they possess an elevated operative independence that consents to their functioning also in the case of the breakdown of the supervision centre.

The software is based on the concepts of “flexibility” and “simplicity”, in a way that can be utilized without difficulty by people with little expertise but at the same time powerful enough to permit Euro.Soft to develop the programs designed for a specific service.
Euro.Soft is able to offer a complete range of systems of pressure levels beyond the central control unit for water quality using devices of electro magnetic induction, ultrasound, ceramic sensors, colorimetric systems or galvanic metric systems.
With such components and the actual systems whether of electric control or electric hydraulics, Euro.Soft is able to supply to the client complete working systems of monitoring and/or automation, taking care of the choice of the installation and start-up. 
The technical staff of Euro.Soft boasts numerous previous experiences in national and international projects (see such experiences are relative to projects for bodies, and private agencies (councils, reclamation and purification consortiums, supply companies, etc). In particular in the sector of hydro resource management Euro.Soft can propose to the consultancy agencies, planning and implementation relative to:

Supervision software and telemanagement (elaboration and treatment of data in the management of installations of depuration, aqueduct networks, drains, reclamation, irrigation);

Ready to use Telecontrol implementations (centralized and distributed, with data transmission by means of Radio, GSM networks, commutated and dedicated phone line, fibre optic. Architecture client-server, multi-terminal);

- Integrated GIS / Telecontrol systems for water networks
- Studies of the optimization of the management and control of water resources;
- Formative initiatives to qualify and renew qualification of those in charge of the plants

The integrated products and the instruments used for the applications, amongst others components of the principle makes (Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley, G.Electric, etc), standard packets of supervision (SCADA) in a Windows environment and for multitasking operating systems (Unix), GIS software (ACad Map, ArcView, etc), software and hardware for the communication of the distant data (radio, modem, infrared, telephone connections, computer networks), servo-mechanisms (motor controls, pneumatic implants and hydraulics etc). 

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