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Sector Web Applications

WebGIS Vento e Porti
The wind forecast for the management and security of port areas "deals with the study of the wind with the ultimate goal to provide usable information in a graphical format, a statistical analysis and prediction of wind-awaited real-time medium (24 - 12 hours) and short term (about an hour) in all areas of the 5 major ports of the Tyrrhenian Sea (Genoa, Savona, La Spezia, Livorno Bastia) by applying innovative methods and calculations that enable you to consider the fields of wind up to a significant in respect of all assets and port functions.

WebGIS Acerra

Application of web marketing planning in an open source environment for the municipality of Acerra (NA) - DeltaDator

Specialist advice and / or educational ICT
Specialist advice and / or training for ICT: Software Design Spa, Iset Ltd, Engineering Group SpA, Akros SpA, SPIN SpA, Alenia Marconi, Campania, Lazio Region, Region of Tuscany, and so on.


SW development project (HTS Halgol - Final Client: Telecom). Subject: Monitoring and analyzing business data, in particular e-mail messages, coming from the systems and Copernicus Sunrise Telecom, managed by Windows Exchange

Project A.R.T. (Analysis Network Broadcasting): activity 'of design and development for Datamat (Telecom End User)

Project HPM Human Performance Management (Attitude for Petroleum API). Subject: analyze and strategically plan the actions of human resource management

Real Estate portal
Project "Real Estate Portal": management ASP services of a real estate virtual (EsseEmme)

Activities' development for Atos Origin in the project Ringback Tone TIM

SIBA Portal
SIBA development portal for the management duties and services for public authorities - Asmez

E-Commerce Application
Application Development E-Commerce and web based business management: (Divani & Divani, Etelec, etc.)

DB Marketing
Software development for web based systems and CRM applications (DB Marketing of Capodichino, Naples).

Constellar Replacement
Design and Implementation of airport management systems (project "Constellar Replacement" in Unix - BAA London Airports SpA, access control system, parking management system Taxi Project "Lost & Found System" project and HRM - Human Resources Management, of 'Capodichino Airport, Naples).

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