Aerospace - Telecontrol - Web Application - Custom Software.

Automation and Remote Control

Remote anemometer
The remote control system of anemometer stations â "Port Authority of La Spezia

Overhead crane safety
Control system auxiliary emergency crane (FOM spa)

Monitoring system via the web for plants ascensoristici, conforming to UNIEN81-28. Manages system monitoring and remote emergency call from the user. IN PROGRESS.

Environmental monitoring
Environmental monitoring system with data transmission via satellite (Campomaggiore, City of Mercogliano - AV).

Remote control quality 'water town of Naples
Remote management system for environmental and quality control 'of the water and the coast of the Gulf of Naples (City of Naples)

GIS and DSS water resources Cuba
Activities' research, definition preliminary design, supply and configuration software tools GIS and DSS, and for the management of water resources of Santiago de Cuba - fin. 50% Environment Ministry, 50% of the Cuban government.

Design and construction management of water systems
Extensive experience in design and construction management for water systems, distribution, irrigation, sewage, power lifting, etc..

Remote monitoring water networks (Solofra)
Monitoring, supervision and remote control of water networks and sewage treatment plants (basin irrigation of the Volturno (CE), Solofra (AV), Isernia, Bojano (CB), Port of Naples, sewage treatment plant of St. John Teduccio NA, etc.).

Surveillance airport
Design perimeter protection system and video surveillance of 'Capodichino Airport, Naples.

Applications integrated automatic industrial PLC
Applications integrated hardware-software for automatic industrial PLC / PC I / O based / SCADA (examples: Functional testing of refrigerators for Merloni Aversa and Manisa - Turkey, machine control granellatrici "Cornetto Algida" and the development of new experimental line for ice cream Unilever - Sagit, line mixing plaster for VIC Italy, lines wrapping / packing machines for Charms - Magic Candy, automation of presses for sheet metal cutting FIAT Cassino, testing thermostats and valves for Goldstar Hibernate, testing clutch discs for FIAT suppliers, testing and ergonomic electric PC keyboards for Olivetti, testing electrical safety Merloni, Whirlpool, Olivetti, etc.).

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