Aerospace - Telecontrol - Web Application - Custom Software.

Research and Development sector

KITE.IT (Knowledge And Business Intelligence Technologies In Cross Enterprise Environments For Italian Advanced Mechanical Industry)
Innovative technology platform to support the transition of the supply chains of firms in advanced mechanics, with particular reference to the value chain of the aerospace industry. (MISE Finance Industry 2015, leader of Engineering spa)

SIGFRIDO (Integrated Systems for Managing Flow in Hydraulic Networks and their Optimal Sizing)
System remote control and monitoring of sensor networks, € ™ s help in decisions relating to the management of water resources (MISE Financing â œIndustria 2015A ?, Leader ITS spa)

AMICO (Automation e Monitoring Intelligent COnsumer)
Technology platform to assist in decisions relating to the management of consumption, energy and security â œsistema Navea ? during navigation and maneuvering in port (MISE Financing œIndustria 2015A â ?, leader ITS spa)

WTU: Research project for a "Web Telecontrol System", its application software, management center and the unit 'electronic remote control (MIUR).

Space Camp
Feasibility Study 'technical statement for the creation of a "Space Camp" in the Campania Region (Italy Space Camp, province of Benevento)

Naval maintenance 
Activities' search for a software application for the management of maintenance in marine (in partnership with Software Design and spa Mecnal srl).

Various consulting activities
Activities' research and consulting technical / economic and organizational "tools of multivariate analysis applied to the study of the profile of business software" (Nielsen Italy), Consulting for the implementation of voice recognition telephone systems (Telecom Venture Capital Association), Consulting for floor development and business plan - Software Design BAA - GESAC Study on the implementation of a national network on a system of personalized decoration of cabinets - (Merloni).

Moulds satellite antennas
Activities' search for a software application for optimizing the processing of molds for satellite antennas (in partnership with Foxbit srl and Airmec scarl)

Activities' research on technologies for the identification, acquisition and transmission of data relating to the risk Nuclear, Bacteriological and Chemical (NBC) - Laben spa

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