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Architettura e Ingegneria

La Euro.Soft distribuisce i seguenti software tecnici rivolti alla progettazione civile integrata e fornisce supporto tecnico e assistenza con la sua struttura di Napoli.


Software per progettazione impiantistica integrata con modelli CAD/BIM (Studio termico, Acustica, Climatizzazione, Incendio)

Software per progettazione idraulica integrata (Acquedotti, Fognature, Reti di Bonifica)

Per info e assistenza: +39 081 2399515

Automation and Telecontrol

Euro.Soft designs and implements solution for complete automation of the service, without neglecting problems such as those of security and energy saving. The problem of security is very important in a distribution service, where every breakdown and erratic maneuver can have dire consequences on it uses.

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Web Applications

SW solutions for companies and public administration
Euro.Soft offers SW solutions:
- To companies, for company management and Business Intelligence;
- To public administration, for the management of services to companies and citizens through telematic portals.

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AeroSpace Applications and Systems

Euro.Soft operates within the aerospace sector, specialising in the development of SW applications and research projects. Listed are some examples of implemented applications and services for institute of research and sector’s company.

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