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pom1-600x450TALED will demonstrate an innovative integrated TLC/EO/GNSS platform to cope in RT/NRT with all kind of Fire incidents: Forest, Wild, Waste and Hazmat Fires. Designed to operate from detection to operational response, anywhere and 24/7, TALED originates from the need of institutional operators committed to improve the management of alerts, technical response, rescue and information. SMA Campania is a public company in charge of preparedness, information management and emergency response to all kind of fires.

TALED will provide SMA (as, in perspective, public/private/public-private companies with similar characteristics) with the possibility of remotely controlling and managing firefighting operations, in order to improve the workforce, aerial and terrestrial vehicles management.

The service will include geographical information, as the tracking of the field operators, early warning of fires, and the prediction of short-term, fire & smoke evolution. Moreover TALED will provide mixed Sat/Local TLC connection in the operation scenario, often not covered by the terrestrial TLC services.

TALED is designed to integrate and improve the current regional remotely accessible DSS, exploited by the various actors involved in firefighting. TALED target market is mainly based on the actual business of SMA Campania, the service provider of the demonstration project: the final customer of the actual service is the government of Campania Region.

USERS AND THEIR NEEDS Three main users/actors, managing fire-alarms and associated emergencies, are involved:

SMA Campania, a public-owned Campania Region company, manages environmental emergencies within the regional boundaries, including forest and waste fires. SMA is a partner and the main service provider of TALED.

CNVVF National Firemen Corp, is in charge of the prevention and the operational response to all kind of fires, both on ground and by fixed wing aircrafts and large helicopters.CNVVF is a partner of, and information provider to TALED.

Mountain Communities are in charge of managing local forest resources, including their defence against fires and natural threats. Mounts Lattari Natural Park is an interested user and potential customer.

Users express the needs to get:

  • better and more effective coordination in alarm collection and dissemination.
  • better and more effective on-field coordination during emergencies
  • better safety of field operators
  • improved efficiency of water bombing
  • in-house capacity for mapping burnt areas

TALED will answer those needs providing:

  • geographic RT/NRT information: EO based maps and info’s coming from other existing early warning systems,
  • connectivity to the field teams, even in absence of terrestrial network coverage,
  • localization and safety devices to the field operators, even when operating far from the satellite link mobile station.

The country of the targeted users is Italy.


Applicazioni integrate impianti automatici industriali con PLC

plc 1Applicazioni integrate hardware-software per impianti automatici industriali con PLC / I/O PC based / SCADA (esempi: Collaudo funzionale di frigoriferi per Merloni Elettrodomestici Carinaro e Manisa - Turchia, controllo per macchine granellatrici "Cornetto Algida" e linea sperimentale sviluppo nuovi gelati per Unilever - Sagit, linea di miscelazione intonaci per VIC Italia, linee incartatrici / impacchettatrici per Charms - Magic Candy, automazione pressa di tranciature lamiere per FIAT Cassino, collaudo termostati e valvole per Goldstar Iberna, collaudo dischi frizione per fornitori FIAT, collaudo ergonomico ed elettrico tastiere PC per Olivetti, collaudo elettrico di sicurezza per Merloni, Whirlpool, Olivetti, ecc.)..

Telecontrollo reti idriche (Solofra)

DVC00761Sistemi di monitoraggio, supervisione e telecontrollo di reti idriche ed impianti di depurazione (bacino irriguo del Volturno (CE), Solofra (AV), Isernia, Bojano (CB), Porto di Napoli, impianto di depurazione di S. Giovanni a Teduccio NA, ecc.)



GIS e DSS risorse idriche Cuba

ImgAcadAttivita' di ricerca, definizione progetto preliminare, fornitura e configurazione strumenti SW GIS e DSS, e per la gestione delle risorse idriche di Santiago de Cuba - fin. 50% Ministero dell'Ambiente, 50% Governo Cubano.

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